The Mission’s head office is located at the University of Neuchâtel and the archaeological research conducted in the Kerma region is part of a Swiss National Fund for Scientific Research project (Project FN 101212/122592/1, 2008-2011).

The State Secretariat for Education and Research of the Swiss Confederation contributes since 2008 to the upkeep of the mission’s logistical infrastructure, the administration of scientific documentation as well as museum related endeavours (scale models, panels, staging and management of the collections). the creation of the Kerma Museum was supported by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs from 2004 to 2007, and benefits to the help of the Federal Department of the Interior in 2004. Additionally, the Museum of Art and History of Geneva has contributed to the conservation of archaeological remains by its support of the restoration work undertaken at the sites of Kerma and Dukki Gel until 2005. Finally the Foundation Kerma active since January 2010, manages the funds given by the State Secretariat and is supported by others funds which help it to assure a long term project where are developed scientific researches, training of students and Sudanese collaborators, museography as well as protection and valorisation of this unique patrimony.