Current Research

The 2008-2009 excavation campaign took place from December 20, 2008 to January 31, 2009. Work focussed on these four sites:

  • Dukki Gel: continued clearing in the religious quarter, notably in the area of the circular temple and the fortification remains
  • Eastern Cemetery of Kerma: renewed excavations in the sectors of the earliest Kerma in order to understand the spatial distribution of the tombs and the conditions regarding the birth of the Kingdom of Kerma (Early Kerma, C-Group). A palaeoanthropological study has begun on these older sectors. A relational database about the burials is under construction. 
  • Pre-Kerma Agglomeration: continued excavations to define the extent of this proto-urban settlement.
  • Wadi el-Arab : clearing of a funerary area containing burials dated from 7000 to 6500 B.C.; probably the oldest Neolithic burials on the continent.